I remember the first time I was allowed to use my father’s Fujica camera like it was yesterday. I was an eight-year-old boy, absolutely fascinated. Shortly thereafter, my parents gave me my first camera - a Yashica FX-D, marking a short journey before I would be working for the local press and improving my pocket money.

During my training as a mechanic, I worked for Keystone (photography agency in Switzerland) along with various newspapers & magazines. I was enamored, and my perpetual sentiment eventually led to my first job as a cameraman.

In an age in which countless pictures are taken with mobile phones, there has been a rapid deceleration in analog photography; nevertheless, my focus today remains closely tied to my roots—analog. It is without a doubt that analog film has its own texture, which is unattainable by digital. I find beauty in the required concentration… To get that perfect shot with one, single picture. It requires more attention to composition. More focus on that very moment. The analog photographer must truly think before releasing their shutter. Then, the wait continues, as it is not until the film has been developed and printed until one can truly admire the unsurpassed elegance of their work.

Film Cameras
Hasselblad H-1 - Rolleiflex 2,8F - Fuji GA 645s
Nikon F3 HP - Contax T2
Digital Cameras
Sony A7R V & A7R IV Monochrome - Fujifilm X100F - Fujifilm GFX 100s
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